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Hands in the Soil



The World’s First Portable Instant Testing & Monitoring Systems

Farmers today face the overwhelming challenge of producing more and finding smarter ways to grow better quality crops. If farmers must meet increasing global demands for food, timely soil and water testing is the need of the hour.

An accurate and timely administered soil and water testing system can potentially save farmers a
significant amount of money in fertiliser and other production costs.
But this vital information has
been far from easy for farmers to obtain. Until now.

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Introducing AgriTMS: Revolutionary Soil & Water Testing, Delivered in Seconds

Our pioneering soil and water testing technology is the first-of-its-kind, delivering results in seconds.

  • Easy-to-use: Portable and durable, ready to deploy in rugged conditions, with a high level of operational convenience.

  • Saves time: Accurate results on different parameters are available at your fingertips in seconds.

  • Smart: Bluetooth enabled, connects to your smart device to display information.

  • Real-time results: Designed to offer farmers real-time visualisation, real-time monitoring,
    decision support, farm record keeping, diagnosis and more.

“Standardized testing leads to reliable diagnosis which leads to accurate treatment.”


Testing at your doorstep


Real-time analysis & results


No delay & maximum convenience


Soil & Water Health Cards

Recommended Applications:

Our pioneering soil and water testing technology is the first-of-its-kind, delivering results in seconds.

  • Ideal for small, medium to large-scale farmers producing all types of crops, from cash crops to
    growing fruits in orchards.

  • Use at nurseries – can be used for potted plants where slow-release fertiliser is applied.

  • Ideal for landscape gardening, such as golf course, sports grounds etc.

  • Can be used at composting plants, to avoid excess salt buildup in compost soils.

Cabbage Field
  • Can be used by local communities and governments to test quality of soil after monsoons or

  • Use at hydroponic farms.

  • Use at agricultural universities and horticultural institutes.

  • Use as universal meter for pH and EC testing in laboratories.

Regenerative Farming
Green Infrastructure
Health & Wellness
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