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Finding sustainable solutions through technology interventions.

Our Solutions

Farmer Checking Plants


We believe that Earth’s existing resources are adequate to support us if judiciously used, enhanced and not depleted. Everything we do, from our BioAg inputs to our rural frameworks, focuses on thesustained improvement of our natural environment, benefiting rural economies and making regenerative farming at scale profitable for farmers.


Climate change is a significant challenge to modern agriculture. Our solutions focus on holistic improvement of soil health, replacing chemical fertiliser dependency, reducing water consumption and thus reducing the ecological carbon footprint of today’s food production systems.

Agriculture Drone
Agriculture Drone


Technology drives today’s agricultural revolution. While smart farming technologies can make agriculture more profitable for the farmer – these are less accessible to a majority of them. By makingsoil, water and carbon-related information available to all farmers economically, especially small andmarginal landholding farmers, by providing reliable, accurate, standardized, real-time advisory we helpfarmers reduce risk and uncertainty.

Our Three-Pronged Systemic Solutions Tackle Today's Agri Challenges

BioAg Inputs & Technologies

The global agriculture and food system in its current form is unsustainable. Coupled with the critical water crisis we face globally, there is a pressing need to re-tool our current farming methods.


In response to these urgent challenges, we champion a soil- and water-conscious regenerative agricultural system. Most of our BioAg inputs are 100% natural, Ecocert-certified and are designed to keep the food chain chemical-free.


Our solutions aim to put back more into local economies and the environment, thus delivering net positive results for farmers and our planet.


Power-packed plant and soil nutrition derived from nature.

VIRENXIA_s Alfalfa is gorwn with the gre

Premium alfalfa that delivers better livestock nutrition and profits.


A transformative technology to create net positive water impact.

Tamper-proof Tools & Codified Metrics

Along with age-old intuitive wisdom, today’s farmers need reliable granular data on soil composition, water quality, fertilizer requirements, rainfall patterns and more to make timely decisions. With the threat of climate change and depleting soil fertility, such actionable data and agri advisory can make all the difference between a failed crop season and a bumper yield.

First, our IoT-enabled AgriTMS® devices collect instant, tamper-proof soil and water data. Then, our powerful AI and machine learning based AgStim® engine helps generate a dynamic PoP (package of practices) for the farmer. During this process large amounts of collected data is matched with other Big Data available, such as weather data and pricing models to determine patterns.

Green Orchard

The World’s first portable real-time testing & monitoring system.

Converting data into actionable intelligence for farmers.


A tiered crop nutrition and quality-based certification system.

Green & Digital Infrastructure

Our current climate crisis requires rapid and substantial interventions in the form of scalable solutions that address issues at their literal foundations. Rather than putting hastily patched, superficial optimizations to age-old problems, our mission is to innovate low-cost, low-carbon solutions.


That is why we built a modular and scalable framework, a solution which is a complete ecosystem which builds climate-smart food systems while economically enriching and mobilizing rural communities. The e-CDI™ framework takes care of farm and bio-waste, converting it into organic farm input, thus implementing circular economy principles at the village level. Using Industry 5.0 technologies, e-CSSA™ is our umbrella of proprietary digital solutions based on the principles of circular and collaborative economy.


A sustainable, decentralized BioAg manufacturing system.

Vegetable Garden

Modular & scalable Climate-Smart Sustainable Agriculture framework.

Credit Card

Transforming rural through e-collaboration platform.

Vegetables in Bag

Soil-Water Testing & Crop Monitoring Systems.

BioAg Inputs & Technologies
Tamper-proof Tools
Green & Digital Infra
Virenxia supports the Sustainable Development Goals
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