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Finding sustainable solutions through technology interventions.

Regenerative Farming

The global agriculture and food system in its current form is unsustainable. Coupled with the critical water crisis we face globally, there is a pressing need to re-tool our current farming methods.

In response to these urgent challenges, we champion a soil- and water-conscious regenerative agricultural system. Our farming products are designed to keep the food chain chemical-free, while our solutions aim to put back more into local economies and the
environment, thus delivering net positive results.


Power-packed plant and soil nutrition derived from nature.

VIRENXIA_s Alfalfa is gorwn with the gre

Premium alfalfa that delivers better livestock nutrition and profits.


A transformative technology to create net positive water impact.

Agricultural stimulation that regenerates and transforms arid land.

Green Infrastructure

Our current climate crisis requires rapid and substantial interventions in the form of scalable solutions that address issues at their literal foundations. Rather than putting hastily patched, superficial optimizations to age-old problems, our mission is to innovate low-cost, low-carbon solutions.

We want to build better, cheaper, greener roads; make homes smarter and more energy-efficient; introduce next-gen medical services, and we are just getting started!


Building greener, cheaper and stronger roads.


An interconnected framework helping farmers attain true circularity in agriculture.


The farmer of today has bigger obstacles to overcome: they need to ramp up food production with limited natural resources while battling climate change. In this scenario, adopting climate-smart and precise agricultural practices will positively benefit farm economics and the environment alike.

Digital VIRENXIA is our umbrella of proprietary digital solutions based on the principles of circular and collaborative economy. Transforming and enriching rural communities is at the heart of our VE4 platform.

Credit Card

Transforming rural through e-collaboration platform.

Urban Garden
Digital CSSA

A digital climate-smart overlay to upgrade traditional agriculture.


Smart gadgets that deliver control to farmers, improving efficiencies in agriculture, making food production more predictable. This includes our proprietary hardware (IoT) and software (SaaS) solutions.

These devices capture soil, water, nutrition and climate information and give farmers actionable insights to help them plan pre- and post-harvest operations on their land.

Smart AgTech has the potential to help farmers adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change and increase food production.


Smart farming for land & water surveying and remediation.

Coming soon

Harvesting Wheat

Soil-Water Testing & Crop Monitoring Systems.

Health & Wellness

We envision a future of high-tech holistic healing that goes beyond human-to-human touchpoints. At VIRENXIA, we find synergy in the concept of Whole Person Care (WPC). WPC involves not only treating physical ailments but the full spectrum of a person's needs i.e. medical, socioeconomic and beyond.


Our health and wellness technology interventions are aimed towards extending cost-effective, accurate and timely care to people. 


State-of-the-art medical laser therapy to treat various ailments.

Coming soon

What We Do
Regenerative Farming
Green Infrastructure
Health & Wellness
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