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AquaF Fertilising  Atmospheric Water

Discover VIRENXIA's AquaF process, producing water from the air.

At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 1290 trillion liters of water, in the invisible vapor phase.


This is enough water to cover the entire surface of the Earth (land and ocean) with one inch of rain.*

At the same time, a country like India is facing its worst water crisis in history and if no action is taken to address this, it is expected that as much as 21 major cities will run out of groundwater by 2020!

The water availability per capita would even fall to 1,341m3 in 2025, a level far below the 1,700m3 water-stress limit.**

*USGS United States Geological Survey

**The Economic Times, India staring down the barrel of a major water crisis, 26/06/2018


VIRENXIA has created a process called AquaF which uses a special Biomass to absorb moisture from the air and produce Biowater naturally. The process uses fresh or saline water as a base medium.

This Biowater is an excellent natural fertiliser and is also desalinated. After regular filtration process, the same water can be used as potable water.

How does it work?

A 80m2 water tank is filled with water, topped with a layer of VIRENXIA’s proprietary Biomass.

The Biomass mix absorbs the humidity available in the air and creates ~10,000L/Day/80m2 of additional water for irrigation.


✓ A new source of perennial water

✓ The method is 100% natural

✓ It can reduce the burden on groundwater or dependence on monsoon in agriculture

✓ The Biowater created provides essential nutrients for the plants, such as Nitrogen, Phosporus, and Potassium

✓ A network of reservoirs can be created to recharge groundwater reserves/watershed management (Aquifer recharge & desalination of Aquifers).

✓ The water can be filtered/purified and made potable


Future potential

AquaF could create a new ecosystem, through creation of large water bodies (group of lakes or water canals), hence leading to evaporation, formation of clouds and rain.

A whole new water cycle could evolve.

We are always on the look-out for new lands and partners!


From fertile to arid and saline lands, VIRENXIA has the in-house capacity to turn them into highly productive chemical-free agricultural lands.

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