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Digital Climate-Smart Sustainable Agriculture 

A digital climate-smart overlay

to upgrade traditional agriculture



Through deep research, we have developed evidence-based, tamper-proof tools along with the digitally codified global framework of Digital Climate-Smart Sustainable Agriculture (e-CSSA™).

A holistic and systemic approach

Symptomatic and piecemeal solutions are not enough to overcome these massive challenges.
We developed a unique, integrated framework that takes a holistic and systemic approach that enables
Sustainable, Smart and Climate Resilient Agriculture.

Facilitating easy transition to Regenerative Agriculture

Reduction in crop yield and farmer earnings is one of the main barriers stopping more farmers from adopting more sustainable Regenerative Agriculture practices. This, along with comparatively more expensive non-chemical inputs, costly technological investments and information gap hinders the adoption of RA practices.

Virenxia has strategically interwoven technologies and solutions in BioAg, AgTech and Smart Infrastructure to offer 360° solutions to farmers and help them transition painlessly to regenerative farming.



Our e-CSSA™ model offers farmers a digital overlay for their agricultural operations, including metrics, framework, processes, products, technologies, tools, and devices required to evaluate and suggest solutions which are ‘Reliable, Accurate and Standardised’. The key features of e-CSSA™ include:


  • Digitally codified framework

  • Houses our entire solution ecosystem

  • Supports our e-CDI™, augmenting its function and efficiency

  • Uses Industry 5.0 technologies: IoT, cloud computing, analytics, AI, and machine learning

  • Managing agricultural carbon emissions and tracking it throughout the food production system

  • Trains and employs Young Village Level Entrepreneurs (YVLE)

  • Advises on the best possible crop to harvest based on climate, soil, water and market data through Digital Crop Advisory and Monitoring System, AgStim™

  • Access to a detailed and customised digital Package of Practices (PoP) that describes processes, procedures, products and methods to grow the selected crop in their field

  • Farmers can buy the recommended all-natural BioAg inputs

  • Facilitates post-harvest market linkages for farmers

  • Gives farmers access to storage facilities


A modular holistic and scalable full stack approach to rural development.


Our Integrated Framework for Digital Climate-Smart Sustainable Agriculture

Our three-pronged systemic solutions tackle today’s Agri challenges, helping build sustainable landscapes and drive momentum towards setting up climate-smart food systems everywhere – from vulnerable developing countries to advanced first-world economies.

Our Model

Learn more about Virenxia's e-CSSA


(Climate-Smart Sustainable Agriculture)

BioAg Inputs & Technologies
Tamper-proof Tools
Green & Digital Infra
Virenxia supports the Sustainable Development Goals
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