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Naturally transforming arid, barren lands into lush, fertile fields

Short for ‘agricultural stimulation’, AgStim is our biomolecule-based and soil-specific process that transforms dry, arid land into highly fertile lands within just three years.

The AgStim process is designed to close the nutrient loop, working in tandem with the principles of Regenerative Agriculture. The continuous application of an active AgStim process can help increase the soil’s organic matter (humus) by up to 1% p.a. This will reduce or eliminate dependency on biocidal chemicals, chemical fertilisers, encourage greater crop and biological diversity. This brings about farming not just for profits, but farming whilst being mindful of the soil’s health.


A fully automated Agri-advisory support system, powered by AI/ML engine requiring minimal manual intervention.

Technology maturation elevates AgStim™ to Agstim Plus. The AgStim Plus system will generate precise reports and customized soil-nutrient status, cross-calculating nutrient status with aerial and satellite data for fool-proof diagnosis and farm advisory.


The process involves treating the soil with VIRENXIA’s proprietary enzymes and MITRASAH natural fertiliser. Our natural MITRASAH fertiliser takes care of any structural problems inhibiting seed germination while mitigating the adverse effects of salinity. Plants cultivated on AgStim treated lands thrive in the nutrient-rich soils.

By continuous application of this process, it is possible to bring the humus level in the soil up to 3% within just three years – making it suitable for organic crop diversification. This makes agroforestry also a viable future and highly profitable option. Initially developed for desert and arid regions, AgStim land remediation technology is ideally adaptable to suit all geographies.


A process able to turn arid or barren lands into fertile lands: AgStim

Our fertilizer is the base ingredient of our fertility management solution Biocenose. 

Based on extensive research, with soil-specific proprietary additives and other allied processes, Biocenose and Farmics Natural Fertilizer increase soil productivity whilst enhancing fertility.

Soil Humus levels grow as much as 1% p.a.:

  • Remediates wastelands.

  • Converts arid lands into green lands.

  • High efficiency with all crops.

  • Stops desertification.

  • Reduces irrigation requirements drastically.


A desert land converted with AgStim

Within 6 months, we harvest a highly profitable crop: Alfalfa (Lucerne), and continue to reap monthly profits sustainably for 5 years.

After 3 years, the land having reached fertility over 3% humus, if required can be released for organic crop diversification. It can also be used for highly profitable Agroforestry.

2014, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sultanate of Oman


Grown with AgStim and Farmics™

Grown with Chemical Fertilizers


The process combines natural materials and organic compounds applied in a strict patented process. Our process' game-changing results come from its ability to increase the soil’s organic matter (humus) by up to 1% p.a.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines a soil as “fertile” if it is composed of at least 3% of humus.

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