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Community Driven


An interconnected framework helping

farmers attain true circularity in agriculture

Eco Roads

Small/marginal farmers make up more than 80% of total farmers in India. Globally, small
landholding farmers produce 29% of the world’s food.

However, in the next few decades, food demand is expected to increase by up to 98% by 2050.
Unfortunately, climate change and economic disadvantages make it harder for more than one-
quarter of farmers worldwide to increase food production in a way that is environmentally
sustainable and profitable.

Our Community Driven Infrastructure (e-CDI) framework integrates sourcing, production and
consumption within the rural agri-economy, helping achieve true circularity. Our platform will
connect farmers to tech, resources and markets and will plug into existing structures where it
will rewire and revitalize the rural economy.

CCI Model.png

e-CDI Special Features:


  • The cluster will be formed at village level and will include two to three villages (depending on the spread of member farmers).

  • The ownership of the FPC will be managed and maintained by selected Self-Help Groups (SHG) of women.

  • CDI modules will be digitally-powered to bring precision to farming operations and monitoring.

  • A state-of-the-art Biofertiliser & Biogas Generation Plant with an adjoining community kitchen/’Anganwadi’.

  • Technology-augmented cowsheds or Gaushala will be built for dry (non-milk producing) and stray indigenous cows.

  • A cow-urine or ‘Gaumutra’ Processing Plant.

  • Will include fodder cultivation and feed processing facility.

  • Will include the use of our proprietary enzymes and BioAg inputs.

  • Bio-digestor for processing agri-waste.

  • In-Vessel Solid Bio-Composting (IVC) plant to process chicken litter into a nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

  • Sorting, grading and storage facility/primary processing facilities.

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Check (QA-QC) laboratory.

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(Community Driven Infrastructure)

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