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Digital Community Driven


An interconnected framework helping

farmers attain true circularity in agriculture



We created a distributed, circular economy-based local infrastructure for natural farming, agri-input production and rural community empowerment.

The e-CDI™ model replaces centralized, power-intensive Ag-input manufacturing with a circular economy approach. It integrates with the rural agri-economy, recycling bio-waste into organic farm input. The facility utilizes Industry 5.0 technologies like IoT, cloud computing, analytics, AI, and machine learning.



Collaborating with NGOs & other organisations

e-CDI™ works with grassroots-level organizations like the Dr Namita Bose Foundation (DNBF) for rural sustainability to provide employment, training, and affordable, certified BioAg resources to rural workers.

This model offers a sustainable solution to modern agriculture, promoting organic, regenerative, and agroecological farming practices while creating opportunities for disadvantaged rural communities.



The e-CDI™ model will house several components which form the rural agri landscape. These included:

  • A technology-augmented cowshed i.e. Gaushala for dry and stray cows

  • Fodder cultivation and feed processing facility

  • A state-of-the-art Biofertiliser & Biogas Generation Plant with an adjoining community kitchen/’Anganwadi’

  • Bio-digestor for processing agri-waste

  • SCADA-enabled In-Vessel Solid Bio-Composting (IVC) plant to process chicken litter into a nutrient-rich biofertiliser

  • A cow-urine or ‘Gaumutra’ Processing Plant

  • Sorting, grading and Smart Storage (climate and IoT-controlled) facility with primary processing, quality and quantity assaying facilities

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA-QC) laboratory

Our Model


Our e-CDI™ is a scalable and holistic model for farm waste management and bioAg production.

CCI Model.png
Social Impacts


The e-CDI™ model is scalable and designed to

  • Each e-CDI™ will create direct employment for 100-150 persons (women self-help groups) and will have the capacity to provide agri-input support to 10,000 farmers or 10,000 hectares.

  • We will put power and ownership of the e-CDI™ in hands of farmers and the rural workforce through community mobilization.

  • A state-of-the-art Biofertiliser & Biogas Generation Plant with an adjoining community kitchen/‘Anganwadi’ will be set up.

  • DNBF will offer management support and upskilling for FPO/FPC/SHGs for the smooth operation of facilities.

  • e-CDI™ will provide shelter and protect indigenous cow breeds; especially non-milking dry cows that impose a financial stress on farmers.

  • e-CDI™ will drive conversion of bio-agri waste into superior, organic agri inputs and green energy under strict QA/QC thus starting new revenue streams.

  • A sustainable circular economy will be established within rural areas thus creating a hub for opportunities and growth.

  • Multiple local employment opportunities will attract and retain rural youth and women to take active participation in driving the rural economy.


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