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Remediation Solutions

VIRENXIA designs custom solutions

to durably overcome your soil issues.


Soil filters our water, provides essential nutrients to our crops and forests, and helps regulate the Earth's temperature as well as many of the important greenhouse gases. Soil plays a vital role in the economy of countries and our lives, with its most important being the fundamental resource for agricultural production.


Due to human activities, urbanisation and industrialisation, today’s lands are experiencing continuous soil degradation caused by wind and water erosion, nutrient deficiency, acidification and salinisation, induced by deforestation and unsuitable farming methods. With the demand for crop production rising dramatically to cope with the needs of a rapidly growing global population, the use of plant nutrients in the form of chemical fertilisers is skyrocketing, with devastating effects on long term soil quality and fertility, as well as water quality.


The problem is that, soils are a non-renewable resource! And the availability of usable water is currently at critically low amounts in many parts of the world.


To remediate polluted, saline, and barren lands, VIRENXIA designs soil-specific custom solutions based on proven technologies, with long term results. Our land and water remediation offerings are also providing solutions for the fertility management of naturally arid and sandy soils.


Learn more about Biocenose

Soil Fertility Management: Biocenose

Based on extensive research, with Enzyme-based bespoke soil-specific formulations, our solution converts arid/wastelands into fertile lands. Biocenose combines natural materials and organic compounds applied in a strict process, its game-changing results come from its ability to increase the soil’s organic matter (humus) by up to 1% p.a. It remediates wastelands, converts arid lands into green lands, stops desertification, and reduces irrigation requirements drastically.

Learn more about Farmics™ Fertilising Atmospheric Water

Soil Salinity Control and Groundwater Salinity Control

One of the solutions we can use in case of soil or water salinity is AquaF. It uses a special Biomass to absorb moisture from the air and produce Biowater naturally. The process uses fresh or saline water as a base medium, thus can desalinate water on site.


This Biowater is an excellent BioFertilizer that helps in remediating the soil, either via soil enrichment, leakage or natural filtration. The water produced can also be used as a mean of aquifer recharge, which fights underground water salinity.


LCS (Land Cooling System)

A system powered by a solar panel distributes cool air from underground wells to cultivated areas. By means of a bespoke similar solution composed of AquaF, LCS, and wind barriers, the spreading of Europe’s largest desert was stopped at Oleshky Sands, Ukraine. More than 10,000 ha of forest land has been created, hence stopping desertification.


Drone Geology Survey (2 technologies)

Our first technology is based on the principles of quantum physics and uses the electromagnetic field of the Earth to accurately find and quantify underground resources. It Can find anything from Aquifers (Water) to Oil, Gas, and Minerals, and collects up to 100 km2 of data per day. The survey is operated over mountains, water bodies or forests easily, without any environmental impact.

Our second technology remotely picks up the data of deposits of oil, gas, water, minerals from satellite, it provides quick insights or the confirmation of on-site investigations.

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Remediation Solutions

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